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What does the DerGroup Do?

David E. Rotherforth is serving the computing community for small and medium sized establishments in East Tennessee. I offer free professional computer consultation. Just send your question via a click on "Send an Email Message" below.
I provide professional computer services and have 40 years of engineering experience in the computer community.
The DerGroup is located in Dandridge, Tennessee

DerGroup Realty's purpose is to offer FREE For Sale By Owner Real Estate listings to Owner's who wish to present properties for sale in Jefferson County Tennessee. Send an email if you wish to post a free FSBO listing.


Steps for creating a website
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Design- choose an interesting layout.
Decide how to you want it to look.
number of pages, links, etc.
Gather and create the content.
Layout/organize the website.
Add content- page text, pictures, links, maps, forms.
Fine-tune the layout and content.
Write the HTML code,
Pages- create, rename, change the order of, or delete pages.
add content- page text, pictures, links, maps, forms.
Check prose for consistency and spelling.
Check all code for consistency and functionality.
Off-line test all the pages site for cross-platform/browser compatibility.
If required:
Determine and Create the links.
Graphics creation.
Write script code (php, java).
Deploy database and server-side programming.
..Go Live..
Check all code for consistency, spelling, and functionality.
Check the links for accuracy.
Select/purchase a Domain Name (the url, web site name).
Load/transfer the website to the hosting server.
On-line test all the sites pages.
Test the site for cross-platform/browser compatibility.
Routine maintenance.
Add any updates and content as needed.

Website Example and cost:

Dergroup.net Owner David Rotherforth

Terms and Conditions for creating websites

Thanks for taking the time to view the web site. DerGroup web design development is performed by David Rotherforth. Dergroup is not some big website design company with a team of employees. During the process of developing your web site, I assure you will be communicating with me.

Assuming you have an interest in a custom website that does not reply on any external scripts. The entire source code-scripts reside within the web site and dose not rely on external sites for content.

Email Services: DER uses your third party vendor to supply email services and is not responsible for down time, temporary failure of service, delivery failure, or spam. You understand and agree that you are responsible for your own email communications and for any consequences thereof.

Payment for Services: DER's standard payment policy for website creation is as follows. DER will provide a design concept on DER's host. Once the design is completed and approved, the total price must be paid before the actual website is put online using your domain name and host provider. After the initial web site is created, estimated cost will be provided for additional content the customer desires to add to the site.

Note: There are no up front costs.

Owner's Experience:

40 Years experience working as a Contract Software-Electrical Engineering Consultant for various companies performing software engineering development functions.

Received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology
and a M.S. in Advance Technology from the State University of New York at Binghamton where the focus was on operating systems and software.

Life member of the:

Customers I have work with:

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